We take great pride in offering you a broad array of imported delicacies from around the world! We specialize in products from: Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Russia, Jordan, Iran and Iraq as well as many domestic items.

What can you expect to find? Over 100 different pre-packaged spices for all your cooking needs! A large Olive bar featuring 7 imported Olives, 5 imported Feta Cheese and fresh pita bread from Worcester and Montreal 4 times a week! We also have your Mediterranean staples: Lebne, Bulgur Wheat, Armenia String Cheese and much more.

Our main attraction is our homemade Armenian specialties. Fresh Lahmejune (Armenian Pizza), Choreg (Armenian Sweet Bread), Kufteh (Armenian Stuffed Meat Balls), Tabouleh, Hommus, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Paklava, BabaGanoush, the list is endless! Haven’t tried some of these? We strongly recommend you do. Come in and we can explain to you what each item is and how to prepare it for you and your family to enjoy.